Misaruka Last Fukubukuro

Sadly, Misaruka have now disbanded, but I was able to get of their last fukubukuro. The fukubukuro were 4000 Yen each, and only 30 were available. Here’s a video of my unboxing:   Fukubukuro contents: ビストロミサルカ3 (Bistro Misaruka 3) – fukubukuro limited tokuten DVD Ancient ReBORN Floride umbra Rasen Reunion (Regular Edition) 廻る季節に綴る君と僕の詠 WHAT DO … More Misaruka Last Fukubukuro

Scarlet Valse & Misaruka 2017 Fukubukuro/Lucky Bags

Since the 2016 Scarlet Valse fukubukuro was really good, I decided to buy one again this year. I was also able to buy a Misaruka fukubukuro this year before they sold out! Both fukubukuro were ¥4000, and this year they were only listed on the Japanese site, which only accepts cash on delivery as payment, … More Scarlet Valse & Misaruka 2017 Fukubukuro/Lucky Bags