Misaruka Last Fukubukuro

Sadly, Misaruka have now disbanded, but I was able to get of their last fukubukuro. The fukubukuro were 4000 Yen each, and only 30 were available.

Here’s a video of my unboxing:



Fukubukuro contents:

  • ビストロミサルカ3 (Bistro Misaruka 3) – fukubukuro limited tokuten DVD
  • Ancient ReBORN
  • Floride umbra
  • Rasen
  • Reunion (Regular Edition)
  • 廻る季節に綴る君と僕の詠
  • -The Butterfly Effect – In the Romeo & Juliet (Type A and Type B)
  • Episodes -Merrow-
  • 月下の夜想曲
  • Romeo and Juliet tote bag
  • 3 cheki (1 rui, 1 sawah, 1 vetchie x member from another band I don’t recognise


It was revealed that the Bistro Misaruka 3 DVD would be inside this fukubukuro when they went on sale, and I’m looking forward to watching it!

I would have preferred a t-shirt, parka, or towel rather than a tote bag. But I’ll still be able to use it, so I’m happy ^^


This fukubukuro contained 10 CDs – way more than I was expecting. Of those 10, I already had 6. I also bought one type of The Butterfly Effect on iTunes, but as I didn’t have either on CD, I decided to keep those too.

It seems that bad CD sales were part of the reason for Misaruka’s disbandment, and I think having this many to put in fukubukuro (assuming each one had similar contents) suggests their CD sales were doing really badly. Or perhaps they just wanted to get rid of the stock they had left quickly?


The cheki in this fukubukuro were a little disappointing – only 3 were included, and one of these was a 2-shot with a member of another band which I don’t recognise.

Overall, this fukubukuro was a bit disappointing, but I still got enough good items that made it worth getting!


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