Scarlet Valse & Misaruka 2017 Fukubukuro/Lucky Bags


Since the 2016 Scarlet Valse fukubukuro was really good, I decided to buy one again this year. I was also able to buy a Misaruka fukubukuro this year before they sold out! Both fukubukuro were ¥4000, and this year they were only listed on the Japanese site, which only accepts cash on delivery as payment, so I had to use a shopping service. According to my blog post, the Scarlet Valse fukubukuro was only ¥3500 last year, but I don’t remember if the Misaruka fukubukuro was also that price last year.

Like last year, Starwave Records sent the items loose in the box instead of having actual bags, so it was easier to write about both fukubukuro in the same post. For the same reason, the unboxing video (see end of post!) also has both fukubukuro.

I was actually equally excited and nervous for these fukubukuro to arrive. Jun and Takuya had their last live with Scarlet Valse on 31st December, and the new members Raizo and Shian officially joined on 1st January. All fukubukuro were being sent on 3rd January (same as last year) because of the New Year holiday, so I worried that the Scarlet Valse fukubukuro hadn’t been made until January, and there wouldn’t be any Jun or Takuya items because they’d left the band. But because the Starwave Records fukubukuro went on sale on different days, I thought perhaps they weren’t put on the site until they’d been made? So I was really hoping I’d still get Jun and Takuya items in my fukubukuro, especially Jun as he was my favourite member!

Here’s everything I got in both fukubukuro:

  • Scarlet Valse offshot photobook
  • Scarlet Valse benefits DVD – Misty Night MV
  • Remind of Secret Eden DVD
  • Rebellion
  • Story
  • La Neige
  • 2 Scarlet Valse photosets
  • 5 Scarlet Valse stickers (3 small logo, 1 name logo, 1 band image)
  • Reunion – 3 types
  • Animus III MV Collection DVD
  • -Ancient ReBORN-
  • Episodes-Merrow-
  • Misaruka benefits DVD – Bistro Misaruka
  • Misaruka Floride Umbra shushu/scrunchy
  • Misaruka Floride Umbra pass case
  • 13 cheki (4 Scarlet Valse members, 2 Misaruka members, 2 Scarlet Valse x Misaruka, 5 Scarlet Valse/Misaruka x other bands)
  • Assorted flyers and free magazines, and 2 free tickets to lives


I was hoping for some older releases in this year’s fukubukuro, so I was happy to get Rebellion! Although it didn’t have an obi, which I thought was odd XD But I couldn’t find photos of the obi, so maybe it didn’t come with one? Although I already bought Story and La Neige on iTunes, I don’t have CD copies, so I think I’ll keep them. Last year, both CD booklets were signed, but none of them were signed in this year’s fukubukuro.

Quite disappointed with the DVDs. Remind of Secret Eden was in last year’s fukubukuro, and I’d actually bought a copy before, so this is my THIRD copy of this live DVD! XD This year’s benefits DVD was really disappointing, it’s just the MV for Misty Night – the MV spot was uploaded to Starwave Records’ YouTube channel a few months ago, and the full MV has now been uploaded. It was announced that the Misty Night MV was going to be included in the fukubukuro, but I was hoping for something else as well (e.g. making of/offshot of the MV, or a comment video) that was only available in the fukubukuro. The 2016 fukubukuro benefits DVD featured 15 minutes of the members drawing, and in my opinion was much better than this year’s benefits DVD!


Also pleased to have older CD releases in the Misaruka fukubukuro: -Ancient ReBORN- and Episodes-Merrow-, neither of which I had already! The benefits DVD features Bistro Misaruka, a cooking competition between the members, and I haven’t watched it yet as it’s around 1 hour long! The contents of the benefits DVD were also announced, with some offshoot photos & videos.

I have already bought the regular edition of Reunion, as I couldn’t decide which of the limited editions to go for. I can never decide on a favourite Misaruka member, so couldn’t decide between the rui & Rin version, rui & vetchie, or Rin and vetchie! I got 3 of the limited versions in my fukubukuro, but none of the ones I was considering buying. Still might keep one version or sell all 3, but I’ll definitely sell 2 of them.

I’ve never really been interested in MV collection DVDs, so I’m not sure about Animus III. Although it is signed by all members, which is nice because I didn’t have anything signed by Misaruka!


The Scarlet Valse Offshot Photobook 2016 was also announced. It has a lot less pages than the Secret Eden photobook, but it’s still a nice little photobook. I didn’t know Scarlet Valse stickers had ever been made, so I was really surprised and happy with them!

Last year’s fukubukuro had 6 photosets, 4 of which were signed. This year there were only 2 photosets, Rebellion and GENESIS,  and neither of them were signed. Actually, none of the items in this year’s Scarlet Valse fukubukuro were signed. I wasn’t expecting any of them to be, but having signed items is always a bonus and makes the items extra special, especially when you’re not able to get items signed in-person. I got 2 Rebellion photosets in last year’s fukubukuro, but this one is a different set, and I’m very happy with the GENESIS photoset!


I started collecting band scrunchies a while ago, and I wanted to get a pass case, so I’m happy with both of these! Although I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any photosets or anything – other than cheki, these were the only non CD/DVD items.


Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with the cheki in both fukubukuro. There were  13 cheki in total – 4 cheki with Scarlet Valse members, 2 with Misaruka members, 2 Scarlet Valse x Misaruka collab cheki, and 5 Scarlet Valse/Misaruka collab cheki with other bands that I’m not a fan of (THE SOUND BEE HD, and I’m not sure of the other band sorry >< ) My Scarlet Valse fukubukuro last year had 9 cheki, and I was expecting a similar amount this year, so I was hoping for more than 13 cheki. But maybe as they included more CDs, they included less cheki to balance them out?

I don’t think the cheki were as good as the ones in last year’s fukubukuro. Last year I only bought the Scarlet Valse one, but was lucky that they included some Misaruka collab cheki too. As I bought Scarlet Valse and Misaruka fukubukuro this year, I was hoping any collab cheki I got would be just those 2 bands. However, I do like the Scarlet Valse x Misaruka collab cheki.

Scarlet Valse cheki – it was nice to get a Hiroki cheki, and I don’t have any cheki of these looks. But I didn’t get any Jun or Takuya cheki at all, which honestly was really disappointing!

Misaruka cheki – I only got 2 cheki with only Misaruka members, and they were both rui. One of them is signed, but it was written in black and it’s hard to read because his outfit and the background are also black! XD I got Rin and Azami collab cheki with Scarlet Valse, but it’s a shame the only Sawah I got is the collab cheki with the band I don’t recognise. I’m also disappointed I didn’t get any vetchie cheki at all in the fukubukuro, even in any of the collab cheki, because now he’s the only Misaruka member I don’t have any cheki of.

Overall, while there are more items I don’t like and will sell than in the fukubukuro I got last year, there were also some good items in both and I still think they were worth buying.

I also made an unboxing video of the fukubukuro! Let me know if you enjoy watching it and would like to see more unboxing videos ^^ Also, let me know if you bought any fukubukuro this year, or want to buy any next year!


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