Visual Kei Recommendation: ギャロ (The Gallo)

Cutlery, JoJo Poses and Chickens! Today’s visual kei recommendation is ギャロ (The Gallo)!

L-r: ワジョウ (Wajow), Gt |アンディ (Andy), Ba |ジョジョ (JoJo), Vo |カエデ (Kaede, Dr |ノヴ (Nov), Gt

Music style: Rock, dark but also upbeat, some screams/growls, very unique vocal style, really good bass sections

Concepts(s): Demons, dreams and nightmares, ‘Neo Japanesque Beauty’, grotesque, heresy, obscenity

Song themes: WWII/post-WWII era Japan and revolution (metaphors for the music industry), murder, sex, ero

Gallo songs are definitely filled with dark and serious themes, but don’t let that put you off!

Visual themes: Black rooster (described as a “demon who eats dreams”), cutlery – especially their trademark plate and spoon used in many of their furitsuke, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure poses (vocalist JoJo is a big fan, and at least one Gallo song references the series), black and white patterns over the last few years, military elements, and JoJo often poses with a chocolate bar

Recommended if you like: Avel Cain, Dir en Grey, or シビレバシル(Shibirebashriu) style grotesque/gore/weirdness. But don’t be put off if you don’t like those bands or usually like that style – I don’t, but I still like The Gallo!

Music available at: CDs are easy to find at Japanese visual kei stores, and secondhand at Closet Child and Pure Sound, and some are also available at CD Japan. Some releases are available on iTunes Japan, and also international iTunes stores (may not be available in every country, but you can still purchase via iTunes Japan using my guide to buying from iTunes Japan).

Official Online store: Goods and CDs are available at official webshop TORIKOSHI HYAKKATEN. The store is based on online marketplace The Base, which doesn’t accept credit cards issued outside Japan. However, TORIKOSHI HYAKKATEN does accept payments via Paypal, and there’s a helpful guide in English on the information to email them when you want to order from the site.

TORIKOSHI HYAKKATEN also has limited edition monthly cheki, with a special theme for that month.

Recommended songs: 淫魔-BELPHEGOR- (PV spot below), 夢魔-INCUBUS-, 大日本黒鶏主義者聯盟行進曲嬰ハ短調

Please note, most of The Gallo’s MVs and songs are NSFW.


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