HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016

This year’s HYPER JAPAN Festival took place July 15-17 at Olympia, London – the same venue used for HJ Christmas Market 2014. I really like this venue as it has lots of natural light, and an upper level overlooking the level below.

I went with my friend Steph, and it was her first time attending a HJ event! We went on the Saturday (16th). She cosplayed Chara from Undertale, and I wore visual kei (but forgot to take photos of my outfit, oops >.< )


The upper level had lots of food stalls (that’s Steph in the green jumper!), and we got some gyoza and takoyaki to share.

Minamoto Kitchoan (a wagashi store with branches all over the world) had a stall, and I tried some of their mame daifuku. It was really good, I’ll have to visit their London store soon, and their Ginza store next time I’m in Tokyo! Website – http://www.kitchoan.com


The J-fashion show was really great, as it always is at HJ.

I was really impressed with the range of kimono coordinates in the J-fashion show – they had everything from traditional to modern wa-lolita!

Nintendo had a large area with an Amiibo display, history of Pokemon games, characters you could take photos with, and lots of games to play

The Animal Crossing area was really cute! I had a go at Happy Home Designer – I always want to play games at conventions but never have the time, so I’m really glad I found the time to play a little. Next time, I’m going to try and play more than 1 game!

At the NHK WORLD booth, you could take photos with Domo-kun, or fake food hats


NHK also has a Domo-kun time capsule workshop


JPU Records had a stall as usual, and I said hi to my friend Kei, who works at their stall at conventions


Also picked up some blueberry ramune and melon pan from Japan Centre

Tofu Cute had gashapon machines at their booth

Bonsai tree exhibition

Aoi Clothing (www.aoiclothing.com)

Cute handmade plush items by Yo-Ohmanda (https://www.facebook.com/YoOhmanda)


Beautiful kanzashi by Kikuya Kanzashi (http://www.kikuyakanzashi.co.uk)

FUJI KIMONO (http://www.fujikimono.co.uk)


Afterwards, we went to Ichiryu Udon

More photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132730394@N03/albums/72157671368109105


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