Lycaon LAST DANCE – regular & limited versions, comment DVD, photo, and booklet.

Several visual kei stores offered this booklet if you purchased both the regular and limited edition of the single. This was described as “W購入” (W konyu) and means “double purchase”, because of the pronunciation of “W”.

I purchased from Jishuban Club. The limited edition came with a comment DVD, and the regular came with a photo. This was the same for most stores, except Five Stars, who had a photo set (6 photos) and collaboration goods.


The LAST LIVE DVD and Blu-ray only available from Shimizuya Records online store and fiveStars – I purchased the DVD from Shimizuya Records. Neither stores accepted credit cards, so I needed to use a shopping service. On both sites, the DVD was around 8,400 Yen, and the Blu-ray was around 10,500 Yen

Both stores offered bonuses for pre-ordering:

Shimizuya Records had a DVD with one half of a long interview (the DVD is approx 30 minutes), a photoset from the LAST LIVE (6 photos – one of each individual member, and one of the stage & crowd). They also offered a pamphlet for purchasing 15,000 Yen worth of Lycaon items, including the DVD and/or Blu-ray – this pamphlet was limited to 300 copies. I chose to buy the LAST LIVE t-shirt, Satoshi t-shirt, and scrunchy. The store also included another short pamphlet with messages from Lycaon and other bands on the label, and a tote bag.

fiveStars offered a DVD with the other half of a long interview, and a 6 piece photoset. The site says “photo set A”, so I’m assuming it’s different from the photoset from Shimizuya Records.

Regarding the t-shirts, I never know which size to get from Japanese stores. Although in my experience, all the visual kei band t-shirts I’ve bought had been large and comfy. The LAST LIVE t-shirt is an L, and around the same size as my Moi dix Mois Dark Flame size M t-shirt. The Satoshi one is from the gypsy and has the dates of their last one-man tour on the back. There wasn’t any size/measurement info on the site, and I couldn’t find any size info when it was mentioned on the members’ blogs, so I assumed it was one size. It’s a size S, according to the label, which worried me at first. But I tried it on, and it fits comfortably and isn’t tight at all!


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