Scarlet Valse 2016 fukubukuro/lucky bag


My Scarlet Valse fukubukuro/lucky bag arrived! I ordered from the international Starwave Records store, and it arrived 3 days after being shipped. The lucky pack was ¥3500, and shipping was ¥1200.

Remind of Secret Eden DVD
Genesis CD (Type A and B, both booklets signed)
New Year comment DVD
9 cheki (4 w/ Misaruka members, 1 of You in older outfit, 1 pre-Takuya era group shot)
6 photosets (4 signed)
Cheki case
Drawing by Hiroki (I think it’s meant to be a chef?) 


Photosets – I was surprised to get The Name of Valse photosets, because as these were their first outfits, these are probably their very first photosets? But I love these outfits, so I’m very happy! The Rebellion photosets are lovely too! I didn’t recognise the outfits in the top left photosets, turns out they’re from the live-distributed single Eternal White.


Cheki case from the Voyage tour in 2012 – I like the pirate-themed design that connects it to both the Voyage tour and Voyage in Chronos single!


10422180_600933570055664_8682315493955110327_nCheki – I was really surprised by how much cheki was included! I was happy they also included some of the members with members of Misaruka, as I considered buying a Misaruka lucky pack as well, but they’ve now sold out! I found the 2 in the bottom photo a few weeks after writing this blog – they’d gotten stuck under the flaps at the bottom of the box! I’m really happy, and they’re great cheki – a pre-Takuya era group shot, and a Jun and Rin (Misaruka) kabedon shot!

Overall, I was very lucky and got some great items! I’ve already got the Remind of Secret Eden DVD, so I won’t be keeping it, and I bought Genesis on iTunes, so I may or may not keep the Genesis Type A and B CDs.


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