HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015: Saturday


On Saturday, I wore schoolgirl HIZAKI again, as it’s currently the only cosplay I have. Tegan wore Holy Grail MASASHI, Dorian wore Heart KAMIJO. Tegan and I both helped Dorian put their costume on, and we joked “how many people does it take to dress KAMIJO?” I wore tights under my socks, Tegan leant me her coat, and Dorian leant me their Moulin Rouge gloves, but I was still really cold!

We took a few photos of Dorian on our way to the underground station.

When we got to Tobacco Dock, we looked around the stalls a little, and I got some miso soup. It wasn’t great, but maybe it’s because of the toppings I chose?


Quite a few people asked for photos of/with us during the day, although people only recognised who I was cosplaying because of Tegan & Dorian’s costumes! Dorian & Tegan’s cosplays were amazing both days, so I’m glad they got lots of recognition and photos!(Above photo by Donald Manning – https://www.facebook.com/donald.manning.739/media_set?set=a.10156240012375285.1073741963.641005284&type=3)

Lacroix’s performance was at 18:00, so we headed to the Live Stage a little before 17:00. The COSParade was scheduled to begin at 17:00, with a performance by LADY BABY during the parade, so the stage area was packed! The COSParade was enjoyable, although we didn’t know most of the characters. After the parade, LADY BABY came out and performed a few songs. Their music isn’t to our taste, but we admired Ladybeard’s energy and enthusiasm.


Then it was time for Lacroix’s second performance. The audience was much larger this time! I didn’t take as many photos/videos of their Saturday performance, as I wanted to try and just enjoy the performance as much as possible. Also, we weren’t able to sit at the front this time, so I didn’t always have a clear view to take photos.

For their second performance, Sho wore a different jacket and Mizuki had a different rabbit bag, but everyone else wore the same outfits as the previous performance.


Tegan had been asking as many people as possible to sign the flag, and near the end of the performance, she threw it onto the stage. The whole band was really happy about the flag, but Sho was a little surprised and unsure what to do with it at first, so he placed it neatly at the front of the stage. (Above photo from Lacroix’s FB page). Dorian threw another small bunch of fake flowers at Saya, which she was very happy to receive! The band posed for another photo, this time holding the flag!


At 19:00, Lacroix had another meet and greet. This time I purchased a CD and tote bag, which the members signed. Tegan and Dorian bought Pote Usa plush keychains for Saya, Satomi, and Mizuki (Mizuki and Saya’s autographs both feature rabbits!) Also, Saya was still holding the flowers Dorian gave her!


We took cheki with the band, which didn’t come out very well because it was so dark inside. After the meet and greet had finished, we asked Lacroix if we could take more photos with regular cameras, and because they’re so lovely they agreed!


After the meet and greet, Dorian and I took more selfies. Our friend Sylvia this one of me wrapped in Dorian’s cape.

I also took some serious photos & videos with my camera, because cosplay is “serious” business.

Yes, very serious business. We looked around the stalls again for a while, including Tofu Cute (where the above photos were taken),and left a little before 21:00. We got pizza from the hotel restaurant, and it was really delicious!


I tried on Dorian’s cosplay – it’s extremely heavy!

Tegan had warned me earlier about leaving my phone unattended near Dorian. Of course, I forgot, and Dorian took selfies with my phone!


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