HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015: Friday

This year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market took place 27th – 29th November, and it was held at Tobacco Dock. I had tickets for the Friday and Saturday, and was staying at a hotel with my friends Dorian and Tegan, whom I hadn’t seen since we met at KAMIJO’s live in London in March! Dorian & Tegan arrived in London around 13:45, and I met up with them around 14:00 on the underground. We took the underground and arrived at our hotel around 14:30. Check-in wasn’t officially until 15:00, but we were able to check-in early!


We changed into our cosplays – I was schoolgirl HIZAKI (from the 2012 Versailles calendar), Dorian was Moulin Rouge KAMIJO, and Tegan was TOPAZ MASASHI.

Tobacco Dock has open sections, and I didn’t have a coat, so I was freezing! But it was a little warmer in the closed areas with glass walls. As it’s Winter and gets dark early, most of the venue was really dark. There were some lights and a gazebo, so the venue did look nice. But because it was so cold and dark, it wasn’t really the best choice for the Christmas Market.

Lacroix Despheres were performing at 17:00, so we headed straight to the Live Stage when we arrived. We sat down and watched SHINOBI-TRY, a martial arts and acrobatics act. Their flips were very impressive! After their performance, we were able to get seats in the centre of the front row!


I took lots of photos and videos during Lacroix’s performance. Dorian and Tegan had brought a UK flag with ‘Lacroix Despheres’ on it, which we got as many people as possible to sign. I went back and forth between taking photos/videos and waving the flag.


Sho’s English is very good, although he was a little shy in front of a large audience of English-speakers. He kept trying to encourage the other members to speak too, but they were also rather shy! The audience wasn’t huge, but it’s always quieter on the Friday, so we hoped there would be more people for the Saturday performance! At the end of their performance, Dorian threw a small bunch of fake flowers at Saya, which she was very happy to receive! The band posed for a photo with the audience.


Lacroix had a meet and greet after their performance at 18:00. The meet and greet area was placed at one end of the venue, near a section of open roof and next to a door that was open as the smoking area was just outside it, so it was really cold. Satomi, Saya, and Mizuki had blankets to try and keep warm! There was a good selection of merchandise available, and the prices were all really good. Tegan and Dorian both bought 1 of each item! But as we were also coming to their meet and greet on Saturday, I just bought a poster that time. Lacroix signed my poster, and they were all so lovely! Dorian and Tegan got photos & selfies with the members, but I was too shy.


After the meet and greet, we got some food. I had yaki soba and shrimp tempura, and Dorian let me try some of their takoyaki. The tempura was good, the yaki soba was okay, and the takoyaki was delicious! We looked around the stalls for a couple of hours, then left a little before it closed at 21:00.

We picked up some drinks and snacks at the vending machines back at our hotel, then exchanged early Christmas presents!



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