Tokyo Trip 11/10: Ikebukuro & Ginza Sanrio Stores, Shinjuku Visual Kei Stores

The 10th was our last full day in Japan, and we wouldn’t have time to do anything the next day before leaving for the airport, so we both did some last minute shopping. First we went to Sanrio Gift Gate in Ikebukuro, as I wanted to buy presents for Dorian and Tegan. I knew I wanted to get the Mozart Gudetama plush I’d seen before for Dorian, but there wasn’t a large selection of Hello Kitty plushies (or any Charmmy Kitty plushies), so I couldn’t decide what to get for Tegan.

So we went to the Sanrio store in Ginza, which is a lot larger. I bought a Charmmy Kitty plush for Tegan and the Gudetama Mozart plush for Dorian. The store had Christmas cards, so I bought a Hello Kitty one for Tegan and a Gudetama one for Dorian.

Steph went to Akihabara, while I went to Shinjuku. First I visited Pure Sound. I saw several items I thought Dorian and Tegan would like, but couldn’t decide which to buy! There were also some items I thought about buying for myself, but I didn’t want to carry lots around (especially not magazines) while present shopping. So I made a mental note of items they had, and decided to look for presents in the other stores first, then come back later.

I went to Like An Edison, and realised they had an instore event taking place. But luckily, only the back half was being used, and the staff allowed me in to shop! I finally bought KAMIJO’s Royal Blood! I thought of buying 20th Anniversary All Time Best for Dorian, but decided to look in the remaining stores first.

Next I went to Jishuban Club. I didn’t buy anything, but I took some photos of the MEJIBRAY poster outside, as it was still light. I should have taken photos of the other side of the building too – the photos I took the other day were dark as it was late!

Finally, I went to Closet Child. I bought Kaya’s Nocturne live DVD and D’s Genetic World for myself, Versailles’s Jubilee with a KAMIJO card for Dorian, and a MASASHI cheki and Jupiter stickers for Tegan. It had started raining a little when I got to Closet Child, and it hadn’t stopped by the time I left, so I decided to head back to the apartment in case it got heavier! Besides, I still hadn’t started packing!

On my way back to the apartment, I bought some shrimp flavoured crisps and melon pan in Lawson. Then I went to Family Mart and bought some more Calpis blood orange juice (this had become my favourite convenience store drink!), Gudetama candy for Dorian, and Tsum Tsum candy for Dorian. Although it slipped my mind until I got home that as Tegan is a vegetarian, she can’t eat gummy candy! I bought her some chocolate instead, but I’m annoyed I didn’t remember while I was still in Japan, because I could have got her some Japanese chocolate!


Everything I bought home from Japan. I wish I’d brought more candy/snacks back! I thought about bringing drinks, but knew I wouldn’t be able to get them through customs, and didn’t want to risk putting them in my suitcase.


I collected lots of shop bags during the trip!

All the candy I brought back. As I said before, I couldn’t give the Tsum Tsum candy to Tegan, so I kept it for myself. The candy is slightly sparkly, and comes with Tsum Tsum stickers. It’s grape flavoured, and did taste a bit artificial, but it’s not too bad. Pure’s gummy candy is really good – I got the mango and peach flavours. And of course I had to get the rose candy! I was worried the flavour would be too strong, but it’s not, and they taste really nice!


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