Tokyo Trip 11/09: Harajuku Conomi, KIDDY LAND, Shibuya Zeal Link, KAMIJO x Artemis Classic @ Marui Jam


First we went to Harajuku – the station had this cute advertisement for the Wii U Animal Crossing amiibo game!


We went down Takeshita dori again, and I bought a seifuku ribbon and sunglasses from Paris Kids. Then we looked in Conomi, a shop that sells seifuku and other school items. I wanted to buy some things to wear for HIZAKI schoolgirl cosplays, and possibly some items for casual outfits, but couldn’t decide what I wanted. I tried on a cardigan and saw some other items I liked, but I didn’t want to keep Steph waiting a long time while I tried items on, so I didn’t buy anything. I really wished I had Dorian & Tegan (my friends who cosplay KAMIJO & MASASHI) to ask for their opinions!

Afterwards, we visited Closet Child. I’d decided I would buy the Yuuki cheki I’d seen a previous day, but of course it had sold! We had sushi for lunch, but I forgot to take photos. It was quite good, although I accidentally ate wasabi – it was hidden under some shrimp, so I didn’t see it before I ate it. I dislike any sort of spicy food, so I really don’t like wasabi! Steph mistakenly got natto – she hated the taste, and I hated the smell so much that I didn’t dare to try it!

We visited KIDDY LAND, and I bought a kimono Hello Kitty plush. One of the items I definitely wanted to buy in Japan was a kimono Hello kitty plush, so I’m happy I was able to find one. KIDDY LAND had the best selection – the Sanrio World store in Ginza didn’t have any kimono Hello Kitty items, but they did have a large selection of the Gotochi Kitty (regional variation Hello Kitty) charms.

Then we went to Shibuya, and tried to find ZEAL LINK, which is tricky to find as it’s tucked away in a side street. But I had maps and guides, and had also looked at photos of the route beforehand, so I knew how to get there. I purchased Cure vol. 55 (with a Versailles feature and KAMIJO on the cover) and the October 1998 issue of FOOL’S MATE (with a report of MALICE MIZER’s Merveilles tour final).

After that, we headed to the Artemis Classic store in Marui Jam, which had the new collection of KAMIJO collaboration items on display, as well as the previous collections.

They also had the new T-shirts on display – I like the fangs detail on the back of the coffin design!

But most exciting, and my reason for wanting to go, was that they had  KAMIJO’s Symphony of the Vampire outfits on display! Dorian was very excited when I said I was going, and luckily I was allowed to take photos!

For dinner, we went to the okonomiyaki restaurant we’d seen near the station a few nights before. It was our first time making okonomiyaki, and we didn’t do too badly!



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