Tokyo Trip 11/08: Ikebukuro Brand X, MEJIBRAY Instore Event @ Shinjuku Like an Edison


Started the day in Ikebukuro. It was raining quite a bit for most of the day, and I didn’t want to risk getting my camera wet or attempt holding it and an umbrella at the same time, so I didn’t take many photos. We went to Brand X and I picked up some Lycaon Last Dance/Last Live flyers – I was really happy I managed to find Lycaon flyers! The store was playing MEJIBRAY’s SECRET No.03 PV – that made me even more excited for their instore later that day!

We went in a cosplay store, but most of the wigs were basic straight ones designed for styling. They did have some platform boots I was tempted to buy, but I was worried they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase. There were lots of cosplayers in Ikebukuro that day, because Animate Girls Festival was being held that weekend.

Next we headed to Sunshine City. We visited the Pokemon Centre again, I purchased a folder for my flyers in Loft, and we got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Unfortunately I lost the photo I took of our ice cream!


I headed off to Shinjuku for the MEJIBRAY instore at Like an Edison, while Steph went to Akihabara. It was my first instore event, so I wasn’t really sure where to queue outside, but luckily I made friends with two American girls who are currently living in Japan, and they knew where to go and what to do! One of them said she’d bumped into someone eating ice-cream near the store, then realised it was Koichi! (He uploaded a photo to Instagram of himself with that very ice-cream!)

The instore event consisted of a talk, handshake, and signing of the CD jacket. It was really packed, there must have been 100+ people. Ticket numbers are usually random, so my ticket number isn’t necessarily an indication of how many were there. But it was FULL, and I believe there were more people waiting outside who had tickets just for the handshake and signing. During the talk, Meto would write or draw on a small whiteboard. One of his messages revealed there would be a big announcement on the 10th – this turned out to be his collaboration with Deal Design!

All of the members were really nice. I think both Tsuzuku and Koichi said ‘thank you’ in English, but it might have only been one of them (they sat next to each other, and I was quite nervous so my memory is a bit jumbled!)

I bought 2 cheki, and I picked Tsuzuku and MiA. My favourites are Tsuzuku and Meto, so I was happy! I seem to be rather lucky when randomly selecting cheki – so far I’ve always gotten my favourite/one of my favourites, and never had multiples of one member.


My SECRET No.03 CDs (I chose to get Type B signed), Like an Edison comment DVD & photoset, and the cheki I purchased at the instore.

After the instore, I bought a bottle of Pocari Sweat from a vending machine – my first time using a vending machine in Japan, as I’d been buying drinks & snacks at convenience stores. I went to Pure Sound with the friends I’d made at the instore, and bought the MALICE MIZER Merveilles photobook I saw the other day. On the way back to the train station, I bought some food at 7/11.


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