Tokyo Trip 11/07: Shinjuku (Marui Annex, Little Hearts, Alice in Wonderland Restaurant)

By the 7th, I still hadn’t bought any clothes! So we headed to Marui Annex in Shinjuku to go clothes shopping!


I saw some things I quite liked (KERA Shop had nice earrings, but a lot of the designs were clip-ons) and I tried one item on, but I didn’t buy anything in the end. We ate at Brooklyn Cafe on the basement floor. I had the chocolate cake – it was nice, but a little dry, and definitely needed the cream it came with. Steph had a pretzel with warm berries and ice cream – I tried some and it was really good! Although the pretzel was huge and there was a bit too much ice-cream!

We saw the Toho Cinemas Godzilla statue from another angle. While walking through Shinjuku, we came across Studio Alta. As I knew Little Hearts was in this building, we looked inside. I bought the newest issue of SHOXX, and picked up some more flyers.

For dinner, we’d originally planned to go to an okonomiyaki restaurant we’d seen near Shibuya Station on the 5th or 6th, but we couldn’t be bothered to go to Shibuya just for dinner. So, we decided to try the Shinjuku Alice restaurant. It was a little harder to find, as there isn’t a large display outside like the Shibuya one has on the window. There are 2 Alice restaurants in Shinjuku – we visited the 魔法の国のアリス (Alice in Magical Land) one.

I really like the hedge-shaped cubicles – they had rose-shaped cushions too! There was a box of rabbit ears and Alice headbands for us to wear during our visit, but we were both a bit embarrassed and didn’t. But it looked fun, so next time I’ll try them on!

I had a drink with orange & grape juice – like most grape-flavoured things we had in Tokyo, the grape tasted very artificial and overpowered the orange. Steph got a drink called ‘Alice’s Tea Party’, which had rose syrup and peach juice – the rose was a little strong, but it was still good. We were given teacups with crackers and sauce, possibly pesto? The sauce was very good!

I ordered the creamy tomato spaghetti with shrimp, which was really delicious! I definitely recommend pasta dishes at the Alice restaurants! Steph had fried chicken, which was served in a giant teacup.

After our meal, we were each given a package of the restaurant’s strawberry flavoured tea. I’m not a tea drinker, but I’ll try it and see what it’s like.


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