Tokyo Trip 11/06 Part 2: ーLycaon LAST LIVEー『MASOCHIST RED OBSCURA Vol.2 -endroll-』@ Akasaka BLITZ


It was time to go to Akasaka BLITZ for the final of Lycaon’s『MASOCHIST RED OBSCURA Vol.2 -endroll-』tour; their last live.

I went by myself to Akasaka, and it was the first time I’d been alone in Tokyo. I made new friends in the ticket line, but my ticket number was lower and I went in earlier, so we didn’t end up standing together during the live.

Flower displays in the lobby – there were so many, so the lobby smelled amazing!


Present boxes for each member (from right to left: Yuuki, Satoshi, Ichiro, Hiyuu, Zero)

For the live itself, it was very long and by the time I got back to the apartment, I couldn’t remember details exactly. But luckily, the live was filmed, so I can edit this blog later when I’ve watched it and refreshed my memory!

Doors opened at 5 and the live started at 6. I stood near the back, in front of one of the bars. This was a bad choice, as I got hit by headbangers in the row behind me a couple of times. I wasn’t familiar with any of the furitsuke, so I tried to copy fans in front of me. For one or two songs, there was the ‘jump as you move from one side of the room to the other’ furi, but I’ve never done that move before, and I was never sure when it was coming, so I couldn’t really get a rhythm going. I mis-judged the space I had and moved too slowly, so I got stepped on a couple of times. But it would probably have been even harder in platforms, so I’m glad I wore flat shoes!

To start, all members wore their Gypsy outfits, then for the first encore, Yuuki changed into a casual black outfit. Later, everyone changed into their Last Dance outfits. Zero had bare feet at the end, but I can’t remember if he had bare feet for the whole live.

Bubbles were released (I think after the main set), then later silver ribbons with Lycaon printed on them were released (I think after the final encore). I was near the back and wasn’t able to get one as it came down, but I was by the sound/visual control desk and some ribbons fell in there, so I asked the tech staff and they passed it all over. There were 3 encores in total, and it finished around 10pm.

I bought a towel (2500 Yen) and 2 cheki (1000 Yen each) – I got Satoshi and Ichiro. Satoshi and Yuuki are my favourite members, so I was quite happy. I’m pretty lucky with picking cheki! I tried to trade Ichiro for a Yuuki, but nobody was looking for an Ichiro. I considered buying more cheki to try and get Yuuki, but as the cheki were expensive and it was quite late, I decided not to. The staff also gave out flyers advertising the DVD release of the live.

Set list (from Shimizuya Records’ website):

~se opening~
1 追憶 (Tsuioku)
4 悪女の微笑 (Akujo no Hohoemi)
5 霊猫香とマゾヒスト(Reibyoukou to Masochist)
6 覚醒 (Kakusei)
7 月は無慈悲な夜の女王 (Tsuki wa Mujihi na Yoru no Joou)
8 anima
~bass solo~
9 情欲のアクメ (Jouyoku no akume)
10 Jesus
12 残酷のサロメ (Zankoku no Salome)
13 黒のダチュラ (Kuro no Datura)
14 黒猫 (Kuroneko)
15 アネモネ (Anemone)
~drum solo~
18 Who’s bad psycho party
19 眩暈
20 君を壊すガラスの衝動 (Kimi o Kowasu Galasu no Shoudou)
~guitar solo~
21 薔薇 (Bara)~Rose~
22 雨音の輪舞曲 (Amaoto no Rondo)
23 マリーゴールド (Marigolds)
24 アヴァンチュール (Aventure)
25 Psychedelic Jelly
26 赤い林檎 (Akai Ringo)
27 gossip

Encore 1
1 ジプシー (Gypsy)
2 飴と鞭  (Ame to Muchi)
4 麻薬 (Mayaku)

Encore 2
1 琥珀色 (Kohakuiro)
3 The[1st]degree genocide holic
4 shadow

Encore 3



2 thoughts on “Tokyo Trip 11/06 Part 2: ーLycaon LAST LIVEー『MASOCHIST RED OBSCURA Vol.2 -endroll-』@ Akasaka BLITZ

  1. I can like leave a long-a** comment here XD
    First of all, thanks for writing a report!!!! Because this is in a fan’s point of view, it’s different than watching the dvd itself!

    “For one or two songs, there was the ‘jump as you move from one side of the room to the other’ furi” <—OMG THIS ONE AHHAHAHHA IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE FURIS FROM LYCAON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ok i'm calmed down*
    Seriously, the first time, I was in the way too. HAHA! IT'S OK! I was literally just standing there and people just have to shift around infront of me or in back xD
    Ahh!! BUT THE FIRST official time I went to watch Lycaon FOR Lycaon, my friend just grabbed my hand and basically pulled me to do everything. And YESSS AGREE! It's hard to remember or know all furi's so just follow the people in front of us xD

    ahhhh I miss going to Lycaon's concerts so much!!!! That is the only band I'm willing to at least attempt to follow all the furi's all the way. There's others bands where I get super tired on the arm to follow or just freak out when it's other band's shifting left-right furi. (even for my second favorite band.. Screw.. I wasn't able to do the shifting.. I just stayed on the right side… ahahah…. but it's fine because my favorite is Kazuki, which is on the right <3)

    Interesting… Zero seems like to be the type to go barefoot xD
    I'm so glad about the setlist!! They techinically played every favorite song of mine… except for 2… xD I really love "Love Song" and also "愛はきらめきの中に ~Acoustic Ver~"


    1. You’re welcome! I’m happy you enjoyed reading my report! 🙂

      It is such a fun furi! I wish I’d been more prepared and practiced before the live, because I was never ready when we did that furi XD Me and my friend tried to go to their live on 11/03 at Takadanobaba Area but it was sold out, which is a shame as I could’ve practiced furi before their last live!

      My arms and legs got super tired, because it was such a long live, but I thought “it’s the last live so I’m going to do my best with the furi!”

      I was really happy with the setlist too! They played a lot of my favourite songs, but I also really like 馬鹿ね。 and あゝ無情


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