Tokyo Trip 11/06 Part 1: Shibuya 109, Grimoire, NUDE N’ RUDE

As I was going to NUDE N’ RUDE at 3pm to pick up my earrings, we decided to do more shopping in Shibuya rather than going anywhere else in the morning/early afternoon. First up, Shibuya 109.


After trying some of Steph’s pizza at the Alice restaurant the day before, I had a pizza craving! Luckily, while deciding what to have for lunch, we found a little cafe that had pizza. It was tiny, and not as tasty as the one at the Alice restaurant.


We also visited Grimoire. The decor is amazing! Next we visited Tokyu Hands to try and find some packaging for some figures Steph bought in Akihabara.


Then we went to NUDE N’ RUDE. MERRYhoppingZOO sent another pair of their blue tassel earrings, these ones had pink charms. At first I wasn’t sure, as I don’t really wear pink. But I thought I’d be able to use them for lots of Yuuki cosplays, as they’d suit his combination of black outfit & pink hair. So I bought them, and put them on straightaway! I really love them, and I want to buy more items from MERRYhoppingZOO!


We saw these cute Hachiko buses in Shibuya!


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