Tokyo Trip 11/05: Shibuya (NUDE N’ RUDE, Tower Records, PARCO, Disney Store, Alice in wonderland Restaurant)

Our first stop in Shibuya was NUDE N’ RUDE: a store that sells items from various brands, including MERRY hopping ZOO. I wanted to buy a pair of their blue tassel earrings to wear to the Lycaon live the next day, but they only had 1 pair, and I didn’t like the design. The staff member was very nice, and e-mailed the creator to ask if they had any more. She e-mailed me that evening, saying more earrings were being delivered and I could come back tomorrow at 3pm to get them, so I’d be able to have earrings to wear to the Lycaon live!

Next we went to Tower Records. The store is huge!

Shibuya PARCO had a lovely Blythe store called LeLe Junie Moon, with Alice in Wonderland collab dolls and items. Sadly the dolls were all sold out.


LeLe Junie Moon even had these adorable doll-sized versions of Angelic Pretty outfits!


PARCO has lots of stores selling anime and Studio Ghibli items. Steph bought me this cute Soot Sprite keychain in one of them.

We ate a late lunch at the Alice in Wonderland restaurant. The Alice restaurants are run by Diamond Dining, the company that also runs Vampire Cafe. Each branch has a different name, the Shibuya one is called Alice in Dancing Land (舞踏の国のアリス).

The restaurant played the Disney animated Alice soundtrack, which was quite nostalgic as I haven’t watched that film in years!

I’d seen the carousel online, but couldn’t remember which Alice restaurant it was in. From the outside, you would’t have though there would be a carousel inside – it’s amazing how well the themed restaurants in Tokyo make the most of their limited space!

I had the Cheshire Cat carbonara pasta, Steph had pizza shaped like the Cheshire Cat’s tail, and we both had mango juice. I love the Cheshire Cat themed plates.

The food arrived while I was taking photos, but Steph said the waiter put pepper on my pasta using a giant pepper grinder! The pasta was delicious – the little white bit in the middle was an egg, which was really soft and runny, so it became a sort of sauce. Steph let me try some of her pizza, which was also delicious!

Before heading back to Otsuka, we went to Disney Store. I wanted to buy a big Tsum Tsum, but realised they were too large for my suitcase. It was a bit disappointing, as the Tsum Tsum area was quite small, and there wasn’t a large selection. I considered a medium sized Tsum Tsum, but they didn’t have any medium sized Winnie the Pooh characters, and there also weren’t any Nightmare Before Christmas or Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsums. But I did see some other cute items, which of course I now regret not buying!


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