Tokyo Trip 11/04: Studio Ghibli Museum, Shinjuku Visual Kei Stores

On the 4th November we went to the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Tickets have to be purchased in advance, and can be bought up to 3 months before your visit.

The closest station is Mitaka Station – from here it’s around a 10-15 minute walk to the Museum, and there’s also a local bus that stops at the museum. As I’m not fond of walking and the bus was cheap (320 Yen for a return ticket), we took the bus.

Straw Hat Cafe is really lovely, and the food is amazing! I saw different dishes online, so I guess they have seasonal variations, or simply change the menu occasionally. The line for the Cafe was very long, we must have waited for 2 hours. I think it’s worth the wait, but there is also a small shop at the side that serves drinks and ice-cream.

I had the Sunny Side Up Panini; with pork, mashed potato, cheddar cheese, and salad, and had the peach juice. Steph had a parfait and blue ice cream soda. Drinks at the Cafe are served with straws made of real straw.

The exterior is really beautiful and tranquil, and there are stained glass windows featuring characters from Ghibli films. Of course, I had to take a photo of the life-size robot from Laputa!


MEJIBRAY’s new single ‘Secret No. 03’ was released on the 4th, and I wanted to buy it ASAP so I could try and get a ticket for one of their instore events. I’d decided to try and get a ticket for the Shinjuku Like An Edison event, so after visiting the Studio Ghibli Museum, we went to Shinjuku. On the way to Like An Edison, we spotted the Toho Cinemas Godzilla statue.

My trip was successful, and I got a ticket for the instore on the 8th!

While in Shinjuku, I went to some other visual kei shops. Shinjuku is great for visual kei – it has Like An Edison, Jishuban Club, Closet Child, and Pure Sound all quite close together. Pure Sound (above) shares the space with Maiden Clothing, a second hand J-fashion shop owned by the same company. In Pure Sound, I bought Moi dix Mois’ Shadows Temple, MALICE MIZER’s retour photobook, and CURE vol. 136 with MEJIBRAY on the cover. They had lots of cheki, but most were quite expensive (1200 Yen for single), or in bulk. While I was there, they played Shadow by Lycaon, so I was very happy!

I also went to Jishuban Club, and bought Femme Fatale’s Powder and Scarlet Valse’s live DVD Remind of Secret Eden.


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