Tokyo Trip 11/03: Akihabara, Artemis Classic, Harajuku Closet Child

First stop of the day was Akihabara, as Steph wanted to go to Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya was huge, and had lots of anime merchandise, but also Western film and comic figures. There were also Star Wars and Studio Ghibli items, which I found more interesting as I’m not really interested in anime or comics! Of course there were maids advertising maid cafes EVERYWHERE.

There are arcades and gashapon machines everywhere in Akihabara. We also went into a store with just gashapon machines, and a Taito Game Station. I wanted to get a gashapon from the Tsum Tsum arcade machine, but didn’t have enough 100 Yen coins!

We saw a Mister Donut, and I’d wanted to try their Halloween donuts, but sadly they no longer had them.

By this point it was late in the afternoon – we’d spent longer in Akihabara than I’d thought! There was an okonomiyaki place in Harajuku I wanted to try, which was near Artemis Classic and Closet Child so we headed off to Harajuku.


But we weren’t able to find the okonomiyaki place, so ate at Udon I Ro Ha Italian Udon instead. As well as traditional udon, they had Japanese-Italain fusion udon dishes and ice-cream. I chose their scrambled egg, chicken, and vegetable udon. It was so delicious!


After dinner we went to Artemis Classic. I wanted to buy some KAMIJO collaboration jewellery, but I found out orders take 2 months. At least I was able to find out my Japanese ring size. Steph bought a red wrap bracelet that was on sale.


Next we went to Closet Child Harajuku – this branch has 2 floors: one with lolita, one with gothic & punk items. It’s located along Takeshita Dori, and is easy to find. Steph bought few items, but again I couldn’t find anything I really wanted.

The Harajuku Closet Child CD building is located down a side street opposite the lolita/goth/punk building. You’ll see the Closet Child Vivienne Westwood building when you go down this street – go past it and take a left.

My trip to Closet Child CD was very successful! I bought Moi dix Mois, MEJIBRAY, and MALICE MIZER items. The store played a Lycaon song, and showed Misaruka DVD on the screen. There was lots of cheki, I think they had the most of any second hand visual kei store we went to. I saw a cheki of Yuuki (Lycaon) from the Aventure-era (2011) for a good price, but didn’t buy it as I sort of wanted my first Lycaon cheki to be bought at their last live. Of course, when I went back and decided I would buy it, that cheki was gone! I regretted not buying it, I should have just bought it when I saw it!


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