Tokyo Trip 11/02: Closet Child Shinjuku, vkdb presents「Influence loop vol.2」@ Takadanobaba AREA

As we got back quite late from Vampire Cafe the night before, we slept in on the 2nd and went out later in the morning. We went to Shinjuku for the first time to do some shopping.


Although I think the only store we ended up looking in was the gothic/lolita/punk Closet Child. This branch has 3 floors – one with lolita, one with goth (including gothic lolita), rock, and punk, and one with Vivienne Westwood items.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted, but my friend Steph bought a few things. We spent so long browsing that we didn’t even make it to the Closet Child CD building! The gothic/punk floor played a Lycaon song, which I was very happy about!

We had tickets for vkdb Presents「Influence loop vol.2」, a visual kei live at Takadanobaba AREA that evening. After shopping, we went back to the apartment to rest & eat before going to the live, as Takadanobaba isn’t far from Otsuka. I thought Scarlet Valse was on stage first at the event, but I checked the schedule and realised E.T. (a band neither of us were too interested in seeing) were on first, so we had a slightly longer rest and went a little later instead.

We arrived around 17:10, but I was so excited to get inside that I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the venue. Then I forgot again when we left, so sadly I don’t have a photo of Takadanobaba AREA to share. Inside there were lots of signed posters, including Lycaon Last Dance and MEJIBRAY, and also free flyers/magazines. Of course, I picked up lots for myself and friends!

The bands performing were (in order of performance):  E.T, Scarlet Valse, HOMUNCULUS, ザアザア (xaa xaa), 悪フェス (waru f.e.s), SHAPE SHIFTER,   レクレンズ (reclens), マルコ(marco). Each band had a 25 minute performance slot, with a 15 break in between each band.


Scarlet Valse –

I’ve been wanting to see Scarlet Valse live for a while, so this was the band I was most excited to see! We were on You’s side, and I don’t think he and Jun switched sides at all. Kakeru sat on the front bar with his back to the audience and kept ‘falling’ back over, getting the front row to hold him/push him back. He also encouraged everyone to jump! At the end, they all threw roses into the audience. After their performance, Takuya was at their merchandise stall, then later when I went he’d switched with You & Jun. Both You & Jun were really lovely, and Jun spoke, which I wasn’t expecting! I purchased 3 cheki, a cheki case, and a towel. They said I could have a 4th cheki free, as a “service” – I’m guessing because I spent a certain amount? I was very lucky with my pick of cheki – I got 4 different members, including my favourite member: Jun! They also gave me a free ticket to their one man live on December 15th, though of course sadly I can’t go.


We were on the side of the blonde guitarist who had a cute tail and cool make-up. He became very energetic at the end, at one point he took off guitar strap, and at the end he let his guitar fall instead of putting it on a stand. Steph liked them, and wanted to buy some CDs, but they didn’t have any on their merchandise table.

ザアザア (xaa xaa) –

For xaa xaa’s performance, the stage had been set up with yellow warning tape and lots of lights. There was even a flashing red beacon light at the back. Their vocalist was very energetic – he jumped into the audience and joined the first few rows in running from side to side, then led them up past the next bar into our section.

悪フェス (waru f.e.s) –

Extremely energetic vocalist – he was jumping and throwing his arms and legs non-stop. He sat down during MC and breathed heavily for a minute, before sighing and saying something that made the audience laugh (I guess it was something like “phew, I’m exhausted!”) He wore white flared trousers, a matching jacket, and scarves. Although the scarves kept falling and getting in the way – once he sort of gave up keeping them on and threw them over his face). Vaastu, the bassist was really cute. The band had a live-distributed single titled “無意味と物語(muimi to monogatari)”, which was given to out with the pamphlet when we arrived.


I like Z (aka Seth from Moi dix Mois) a lot, so I was very excited to see SHAPE SHIFTER perform! We were on the side of Tomoka, who encouraged us to clap. Takuya had his hair in twintails, and I think they were tied up with SHAPE SHIFTER scrunchies! One of them stepped onto the platform, then the other joined them, and they jumped off at the same time. They were really cute playing together on the platform! At the end,  Majyuri fell off his stool and broke it, then hit a drum with part of the stool. I bought their single 雷鳴-RAIMEI- & a scrunchy. I saw a lot of other people wearing the scrunchies on their wrists, some in other colours/styles from their previous lives, which made me happy to see!

After SHAPE SHIFTER had performed we decided to head back to the apartment, as it was already 8:25 and we weren’t really interested in seeing the final two bands.


Everything I got from the live!

On our way back, I saw Lycaon posters outside Takadanobaba Station! I’d seen photos of these posters online, and was happy to see them in person.


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