Tokyo Trip 11/01 Part 2: Sanrio World Ginza, Vampire Cafe

As we still had some time before our reservation at Vampire Cafe, we went to Sanrio’s flagship store: Sanrio World Ginza.

The store is located in the Nishi Ginza department store, which is easily accessible from Ginza Station. Sanrio World takes up a WHOLE FLOOR, so taking the escalator up felt as if we were stepping into Sanrio Puroland.


I purchased this adorable Halloween Pom Pom Purin plush. Steph bought a Kuromi plush. With each of our purchases, we received a free Sanrio eraser (I got Pom Pom Purin), attached with a Sanrio sticker.

Vampire Cafe is very easy to find. Take exit B5 from Ginza Station, turn right and go down the street between Armani and Dior. Keep going straight until you get to the La Paix building, and Vampire Cafe is on the 7th floor.


We were seated in one of the curtained booths. To call a waiter/waitress to your table, you ring the bell. The lamp was real, not electric. They played music from Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and also Bloody Halloween by Vampire Rose.

Of course, the bathrooms are suitably scary. But very, very dark, as the light is placed in the corner above the sink. That image on the back of the door is a bit terrifying, and the faces on the top left of the photo on the right are actually part of a mural that covers the back wall.


The Grand Menu is the food menu, the coffin-shaped menu on the right is the drinks menu. On this occasion, these were just formalities, as we had to order drinks from the Halloween menu on the left. But I’m glad we got to have a peek at the non-Halloween items, I can’t wait to visit again and try them!

I ordered a  non-alcoholic drink with blood orange, it had an electronic light-up ice cub. Steph got an alcoholic drink with an eyeball.


First course – crackers, pâté, and prosciutto in the shape of a rose


Mummy salad – the bandages were melon, and it had lettuce and other things underneath


Coffin shaped toast with cheese, and chutney. This one was really good, I almost forgot to take a photo, oops.


Cheese & ham pasta with a crispy pumpkin shaped top. Delicious – my favourite of the courses!


The staff were bringing food out faster than we could eat it! It doesn’t look like there’s that much on each plate, but it was very filling.


I can’t remember what type of meat this was, but it had a red wine sauce, long-stemmed mushrooms and those cool wolf head & claw shaped crispy bits.


Last course – coffee jelly, cream, and jelly eyeballs. Neither of us liked the coffee jelly, but the cream and eyeballs were good.


Afterwards I got to speak to Rose, which I’d been both excited and terrified about doing! He seems scary at first, but he’s really nice! To help with translating, he used an app and another member of staff. He asked when we’d arrived in Japan and why we’d decided to visit. I said because I like visual kei. The other staff member asked who my favourite band was, I looked at Rose, unsure of what to say, and we both laughed. Then the staff member noticed my Yoshikitty T-shirt and said “ah, you like X Japan?” I said I did, and that we’d been to the YOSHIKIMONO exhibition.


I bought copies of Vampire Blood and Bloody Halloween, which Rose signed. It seems I’ve converted Steph into a Vampire Rose fan, because she wanted to buy some CDs too! As we were leaving, Rose and the other staff bowed to us, thanked us for coming and said “bye bye”. Visiting Vampire Cafe was one of the highlights of my trip, and I can’t wait to visit again!


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