Tokyo Trip 10/31: Harajuku (Takeshita Dori, Laforet, Hunter’s Fair Steampunk Event)

I’d seen on Twitter a few weeks earlier that Tokyo Steampunk was holding a steampunk event called Hunter’s Fair at Laforet Museum (an event space on the 6th floor of the Laforet shopping centre)  on the 31st of October.


As it was a Saturday, we attempted to go a different route rather than down Takeshita Dori. But we got lost, even with a map. So we went down Takeshita Dori instead. It wasn’t too busy, and we looked at a few shops on the way to Laforet.



Then finally, we arrived at Laforet!

Many well-known brands were exhibiting, including Shiki and Corgi-Corgi

It’s quite popular in Japan to mix steampunk with traditional Japanese elements, so there were several stalls with kimono and kanzashi

All the attendees and exhibitors looked amazing. Pictured bottom left is Tokyo Steampunk’s director, Luke Chaos.


This exhibitor was working on a new piece. It was interesting to watch him painting such tiny details.

My favourite stall – MERRYhoppingZOO. I wasn’t aware they were exhibiting, then recognised some of their pieces and was so happy!

MERRYhoppingZOO have handmade jewellery pieces, and each piece has a slightly different design so it’s unique. Yuuki from Lycaon has bought several pieces from them, and they’ve also made custom pieces for him and MiA from MEJIBRAY.

I spoke to the designer about Lycaon, and discovered she was going to their last live as well!  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to buy, so decided to  visit the shop NUDE N’ RUDE – which stocks MERRYhoppingZOO items – another day and buy then instead. Although NUDE N’ RUDE ended up having a small  selection of their items, so I regret not buying some things at Hunter’s Fair. Hopefully they’ll exhibit at another event I can go to in the future!


Savoury crepes from Cafe Crepe – my friend Steph (above) got chicken salad, I got shrimp and caesar salad. It was quite nice, probably not the best crepes in the world. Definitely a bit too big.

We spent time browsing all the shops in the main part of Laforet. There was an event where you could have your photo taken with KERA models (including Misako Aoki and AKIRA), so there was a long line of people, mostly lolitas, on the staircase that stretched several floors. I didn’t buy any clothes, though Steph bought something from Gouk. But we went to Like An Edison (first visual kei shop of the trip!) and I bought Stuppy vol. 7 – my first purchase of the trip that wasn’t food or tickets!

After Laforet we went to Ginza, to try and get a table at Vampire Cafe. Of course, they were fully booked. They had tables available for reservation the next day, but only for the Halloween set menu. We’d seen the set menu on the website and roughly knew what it had, so decided to go for it.


For dinner we headed back to Otsuka, where we were staying, and chose a ramen restaurant called Hidakaya. I got tonkotsu ramen and I think Steph had vegetable ramen. She also got some gyoza for us to share.


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