Tokyo Trip 2015/10/30: Tokyo Tower, Ikebukuro Pokemon Centre & Sanrio Gift Gate

On the 30th we went to Tokyo Tower, as we’d reserved tickets for the the One Piece areas there. Steph is a big fan of One Piece, but I’ve only watched it during our trip to Paris last year and so don’t know much about it. Apart from it has pirates. And there’s a guy that looks like Satoshi from Lycaon.


Our reserved time slot to arrive was 10am – 12pm, although we left late and the walk from the station was longer than expected, so we didn’t arrive until about 12:20. But the staff didn’t mention it, they just took our reservation confirmation e-mail and gave us our ticket, sticker & maps/guides. However it was a Thursday and was very quiet, I don’t know if they would have been stricter about the time if it had been very busy.




Our tickets just allowed us to enter the One Piece part, so we didn’t go to any of the observation decks, and I also forgot to take a photo of the outside. I’ll have to do both next time I visit Tokyo! The One Piece areas are really good – they have a live show and various attractions including interactive manga panels (above left), a model of the ship (above right), a life-size recreation of parts of the ship, and a haunted house. I don’t like haunted houses: I don’t like the dark, loud noises, jump scares, or zombies. But this one seemed quite tame and child-friendly, so I tried it. They gave us a small piece of rope so we wouldn’t lose each other inside, and I made Steph lead. I guess it was quite a tame haunted house, but of course I was still scared. They did have ‘cute zombies’ behind bars and one would jump out and scare you, although the ‘zombies’ were thoughtful, and did ask if we were ok and thanked us for visiting.

They also had a selection of restaurants, we went to Mugiwara Cafe. I had omurice shaped like Luffy’s hat and a Zorro-themed citrus drink with straws shaped like swords. Both were really delicious! Steph had strawberry sorbet and a strawberry milkshake with ice-cream.


We visited the gift shop, which had lots of cute Tokyo Tower shaped items!


After Tokyo Tower, we went to the Pokemon Centre in Ikebukuro.


There were lots of Halloween items – I love these pumpkin Pikachu plushies!

Sadly I was feeling a bit ill that day (I’m assuming it was because the jet lag was messing up my system), so we decided to make our way back to the apartment.


We saw a Sanrio Gift Gate store on the way to the station, and had a look inside. The staff had cute uniforms with blue skirts and pink/purple check tops – you can see them in the photos.



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