Tokyo Trip 2015: 10/28 & 10/29 – Travel Days

Recently I went on a 2 week trip to Tokyo with my friend Steph. As we had an early flight on the 28th and had to check in 3 hours before, we decided to leave on the 27th and just wait at the airport for a few extra hours to avoid worrying about missing the last train to London/tube train to Heathrow Airport.


At the airport – I have a lot of keychains!

After the flight from Heathrow to Rome, we had another flight to Tokyo. Alitalia (our airline) treated us well on the second flight – we had 2 meals, crouton snacks, and lots of drinks. I recommend their lasagne – it was delicious! I tried to sleep on the plane, but it was noisy and not very comfortable. They had little TVs in each seat, so I watched Adventure Time, Clarence, Inside Out, and Shaun the Sheep: The Movie. 

Arrived at Narita Airport about 11am on the 29th, and got to our apartment in Tokyo around 2pm. It had futons, so I got to experience sleeping on one for the first time. At first it was comfier than I was expecting, I think because I was so tired, and I did use 2 of the futon mattresses. But after a few days I was ready to go back to a Western style bed!

We were really tired and jet lagged after the journey, I kept almost falling asleep on the train and at the apartment. It’s no surprise really, since we arrived at Heathrow Airport around 11pm on the 27th, and didn’t sleep much during the whole journey. We’ve agreed that next time we’ll take a flight later in the day, so we can get a good night’s sleep the night before!

We had a rest at the apartment, then popped to a conbini for food. I tried to get ticket for the ELM & GALLO 2 man live on the 30th, but couldn’t find the live on Family Mart or 7/11 machines, so we decided to buy tickets on the door instead.




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